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At Har•dy Counters and Floors we specialize in one of a kind custom floor finishes in the South Dakota area. No matter how much work is needed to be done we will deliver a long lasting high quality finish that will get your friends talking.

Sioux Falls epoxy can be applied to all sorts of flooring types – including within your garage. There are many myths about garage flooring and how it is not going to look good or that it can be better to do nothing at all. It all comes down to how it is installed – and that’s where we excel at Hardy.

There are many benefits to epoxy flooring and it’s all about it being done right – and about giving you the options you want to get an aesthetically pleasing garage floor – or floor on any other concrete surface.

Durable Garage Floor

Your garage floor, showroom floor, or any other concrete surface may look beat up after a few years. There may be oil stains, and various other stains. No matter how hard you try to clean them up, the concrete is stained and you have to deal with the look.

If you have Sioux Falls epoxy on the floor, it can be a lot easier to clean up. Often, once you notice oil or other stains, you can hose off the flooring. Even if you have to use a deck brush, the appearance can be restored in no time at all – and this will allow you to have a durable floor that lasts a considerable amount of time.

There are a few options when it comes to having an epoxy floor coating installed, but we can provide you with a product that is capable of lasting, even within the harshest of South Dakota weather.

Options within Epoxy Coatings

A two coat epoxy is going to be the most common option – and one that will produce the best results. The first is the wet epoxy that goes down on the floor. There are various colors to choose from and will coat the concrete. After that has had a chance to dry, a clear coat is going to be applied. Many contractors will omit this second coat because of costs as well as because it takes another day of application.

The clear coat on top of the epoxy is something you don’t want to omit in the process. When you hear myths about garage floors not lasting, it is because the clear coat wasn’t applied – and you don’t want your flooring to become stained and cracked just because you were trying to cut corners. If a contractor is not going to apply the clear coat, you don’t want them to provide the Sioux Falls epoxy at all.

You have control over what the epoxy looks like when it is finished. There are colors of epoxy that you can choose from as well as epoxy flakes. These are sprinkled down on the epoxy to add in more colors and add a unique style that looks a lot like granite. You may want gray epoxy and then blue flakes or any other color to tie into the theme you have going on within your garage or other locale.

Taking a look at some of the Sioux Falls epoxy floors that have been installed in the past can give you an idea as to what can be done and what may work best for your flooring. Metal illusions can even be created so you have the luxurious flooring you have always wanted.

Whether you work on the concrete flooring or you park your car on top of it, it needs to look good – and with a two coat epoxy coating, you can ensure that it looks good all the time. With so many options, you control what the final outcome looks like.

Having it Installed Right

The overall look of the floors are going to depend on the materials as well as the installation. Too many people try to cut corners with the polyurethane epoxy. They buy home kits and then have no idea how to install. They don’t get the coating into the corners and then they try to apply the second coat long before the first coat has had a chance to try.

You may want to have the epoxy flooring done, but you have to allow for dry times. At Hardy, we quote a time of one to two days for the Sioux Falls epoxy to be applied. This allows each coat to dry completely before going onto the next step. We offer manufacturer warranties as well as our own warranty on top of that because we stand by our installation tactics.

If you want epoxy flooring to look great and last a long time, the installation needs to be done professionally. A two coat process is the only option that matters as you want the clear coat for longevity and overall shine. It will make it easier to clean up spills, stains, and other messes as well, ensuring your floor always looks its best.

The benefits to Sioux Falls epoxy flooring can be spoken about for a long time, but seeing is believing. If you’re not happy with the way your garage or other concrete flooring looks now, you have the ability to do something about it.

At Hardy, we have samples as well as photographs of work that has been done with past clients. This gives you an idea of what the flooring looks like, how it can be customized, and the attention to detail we provide in all work that we do. From there, you can experience the benefits firsthand and never have to look at stains on your concrete floor ever again.

With 50 years experience we have the knowledge and custom finishes to make sure you receive a one of a kind long lasting product We specialize in epoxy floors, Custom tile jobs, and installation of hardwood flooring. During this time we’ve installed and satisfied over 1000 happy customers floors. Just take a peek at our work for pictures of the many completed jobs.

We strive to deliver a high quality custom finish utilizing only the best products available that will last for years to come.

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